Sunwoo (THE BOYZ) Profile, Age, Birthday & Facts

Sunwoo (선우), also known by his full name Kim Sun Woo (김선우) was born on April 12, 2000. He is a member of the boy group THE BOYZ under IST Entertainment.


Sunwoo Profile

  • Stage Name: Sunwoo (선우)
  • Birth Name: Kim Sun Woo (김선우)
  • English Name: Joe Kim
  • Birthday: April 12, 2000
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Height: 177.4 cm (5’10″)
  • Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • MBTI Type: ENTP-A

Sunwoo Facts

  1. He was born in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
  2. Sunwoo’s nickname is “Seonoo” (simpler way of saying Sunwoo).
  3. He has a younger sister (born in 2002).
  4. He studied at Hanlin Art High School.
  5. His English name is Joe Kim.
  6. According to New, Sunwoo likes rain.
  7. He has seen Your Name (2016) 8 times.
  8. He is a high school rapper from Mnet.
  9. He overslept on the day of the audition. He was in a hurry and had no time to be nervous at all.
  10. He wants to get up close and personal with NCT members.
  11. He has a diary and writes in it every day.
  12. He wants to go on a date at the beach.
  13. He talks to Eric and Jacob the most.
  14. He is always the one who gets scared easily.
  15. He is close with iKON’s Bobby and SF9’s Hwiyoung.
  16. MBTI: ENTP-A.
  17. He has a habit of sleeping.
  18. When he was in ninth grade, he played football and was a midfielder.
  19. He cried after all the members pretended to fight on his birthday.
  20. He likes to drink pear juice.
  21. He can understand English, but can’t speak it.
  22. Kevin wants to sing a duet with Sunwoo.
  23. His representative number is 19.
  24. He doesn’t like vegetables.
  25. SF9’s Hwiyoung, Up10tion’s Xiao, CLC’s Sunwoo and Eunbin are friends and classmates.
  26. He likes to watch movies.
  27. He can balance a football on his head.
  28. He said he wrote “Right Here”.
  29. He wants to release a mixtape in the future.
  30. He likes the anime “Kimi no na wa”.
  31. He wants to be called “Oppa”.
  32. He is very mature for his age.
  33. Sunwoo’s favorite sushi is eel sushi.
  34. He used to be a football player
  35. He is friends with CyA from ONEWE.
  36. He would like to have an informal chat with New & Q.
  37. He is addicted to juice.
  38. He wants to be roommates with the school year.
  39. Sunwoo’s ideal type: People who like him.
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